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Best Token Exchange!
Trade to get 100% BT back, burn BT with 100% trade fees, 10% price limit per day.

Trading Mining

Trading fees is 100% rewarded back to users by BT

BTEX will set a limit for maximum mining amount everyday, which is divided into 24 hours equally. The trading fees that exceeds the limit will not count into mining.

Deposit Mining

Depositing coins, users will be reward by BT with a maximum annual interest rate of 44%

We take snapshot of balances of BTC, ETH and USDT every hour on today, calculate the average value and in the next day reward back to users by BT.

Maker Mining

Makers will be rewarded after the order is filled

Maker mining is about to open...

Burned amount: 14262839.2129 BT
Mining output of the previous day: 116.43765318 BT Mining progress this hour: --% -- USDT


BT is issued based on the Ethereum ERC 20 standard and is a proof of the rights of the BTEX platform itself. The total amount of BT issued is 1.3 billion and will never be issued. All trading fees received by the platform are used for repurchase of BT and are regularly announced for destruction. The “release of mines synchronous release” model is used to complete the issuance. BT can participate in the platform currency, receive new airdrops, and platform. Decision participation and other benefits.

The value of BT

TOKEN As a proof of encrypted digital rights, the blockchain provides a solid foundation for trust for TOKEN

  • The value of BT

    Btex uses more than 80% trading fee to repurchase and burn BT proved by blockchain(100% in the first three months)

  • Coin support

    BT can be used to participate in the SGD voting and pay the RM fee through BT

  • Value-added services

    Hold BT to receive other currencies in the platform, and some welfare activities are based on BT, with BT priority participation

Mining rules

Multiple mining modes, multiple income models

  • Trading Mining

    Users holding BT can have priority to participate in some welfare activities based on BT

    • Trading mining, that is, when a user conducts a digital asset transaction at Btex and generates a handling fee, it is considered as mining, and each user who generates a transaction fee is a miner.
    • The platform takes a snapshot of the user's fee per hour and accumulates it according to the BT average price of the past hour.
    • The platform will limit the maximum amount of mining transactions per hour. Within the maximum value, the handling fee will participate in mining, and the excess will not participate in the mining calculation.
    • Trading mining rewards BT's 24-hour rolling maturity, such as BT mining at 10 o'clock today, will mature at 10 o'clock tomorrow.
  • Inviting Mining

    Invite friends to earn extra income

    • The invitee need use the inviter's invitation link to register, and the user can view the number of invitees and the exclusive invitation link on the personal assets page.
    • Btex will award part of BT to the inviter based on the BT that the invitee mines daily.
    • The BT of the invitation bonus is matured 24 hours, and the invitation bonus ratio will be dynamically adjusted according to the specific algorithm. The range is between 0% and 20%.
  • Maker Mining

    Fairer trading, more stable returns

    • The order will be commissioned in advance, and the system will give an additional BT reward after the transaction. Maker mining is about to open, please pay attention to the website related announcements.
  • Deposit Mining

    Idle funds, efficient use

    • Fill the coin to the platform, you can mine.
    • The user deposits the digital assets, the system takes a snapshot of the balance every hour, calculates the average of the past 24 hours at 24 points, and can receive BT (currently 1‰) according to a certain interest rate the next day. For example, depositing 10,000 USDT at 17:15 today, there is no change in balance until 4:00, resulting in BT = (10000 * 7 / 24 * 1‰) / today's BT average price.
    • The BT of the deposit mining is mature every morning, and the user needs to collect it in "My Mining Record". Currently, only BTC, ETH, USDT deposits are calculated.
    • Depositing coins must be collected daily, if not collected as deposits on the day of deposit.
    • The balance freezed by unfilled orders will be counted for deposit mining.
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