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BT mining principle description

2018-07-30 05:36:20

Currently Btex has opened three mining modes:

Trading mining:

1. Trading mining, the handling fee is only BTC, ETH, USDT

2. The platform will take snapshots of the handling fee generated by the user's current hour every hour, and then 100% convert it into BT for accumulation. The conversion price is calculated based on the average price of BT in the past hour.

3. The platform will limit the maximum amount of mining transactions per hour, within which the handling fee will participate in mining, and the excess will not participate in mining calculations.

4. Trading mining rewards BT's 24-hour rolling maturity

Deposit coins mining:

1. The user fills the platform and deposits coins.

2. The user deposits the digital assets, the system snapshots the hourly balance, the zero point calculates the average value of the past 24 hours, and the next day can receive the BT mining.

For example, at 17:15 today, the digital assets with the equivalent value of 10000 USDT are deposited. If the balance is unchanged at 00:00, the BT = (10000 * 7 / 24 * 1/1000) generated on the second day / BT average price of the previous day

3. BT for mining coins is mature every morning, users need to collect in mining records, currently only accept BTC, ETH, USDT deposits for mining

4. Depositing coins need to be collected daily, if you do not receive the deposit as the day of deposit

Invite mining:

1. The invitee must use the inviter's invitation link to register, the user can view the number of invites and the exclusive invitation link on the personal assets page.

2. After the friend accepts the invitation, the daily transaction fee will still be returned to BT 100%. At the same time, Btex will reward the inviting party according to the BT of the invited person's daily mining output, and invite the reward. BT, mature 24 hours

3. The invitation bonus ratio will be dynamically adjusted according to the specific algorithm. Range between 0% and 20%

Another: maker mining, commission pending orders in advance, the system will give additional BT rewards after the transaction. Specific rules are being designed and developed, please pay attention to the relevant announcements on the recent website.

Thank you for your support of Btex!

Btex team

July 30, 2018

Btex community

Telegram: https://t.me/btex_com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTEX_COM

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