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INVE address error problem resolution

2019-05-31 20:30:00

Dear users!

INVE main chain on-line BTEX platform, appeared charging prompt address error; Before launching BTEX platform, INVE issued Token based on ERC20, while the Token launched on this platform was INVE main network Token. Users need to recycle and convert the former Token in INVE website. Only after recycling and conversion, can they recharge to BTEX platform.

Detailed operating steps, please click the link: https://btex.freshdesk.com/zh-CN/support/solutions/articles/36000165235-inve-erc20-token%E6%98%A0%E5%B0%84%E6%95%99%E7%A8%8B

Before charging, users are advised to read the notes on the charging page carefully, so as to avoid failure to charge due to the amount less than the minimum amount. If you have any questions, please contact customer service immediately. Digital assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make investment decisions prudently.

Users are advised to carefully read the tips in the deposit/withdrawal page for this token before effecting any balance transfers. Users who fail to adhere to the warnings specified within may lose the transfer amount, especially if it does not meet the minimum quantity. In doubt, please reach out to Customer Support.

Thank you for your support of BTEx!

BTEx team


Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTEX_COM

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