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Return Target Price Liq. Price

  • Contract BTC_USD BTC_USD
  • Direction

    Long Short

  • Pos. Mode

    Cross Isolated

  • Leverage 10X 1X 2X 4X 5X 10X 20X 50X 100X
  • Expected ROE Expected Return

  • Unit

    Cont. BTC

  • Entry Price USD
  • Exit Price USD
  • Entry Amount Cont.
  • Entry Value BTC
  • Contract Balance BTC
  • Target ROE %
  • Target Return BTC

Calculation Result

Margin:-- BTC

Earnings:-- BTC

Earnings Ratio:--

Target Exit Price:-- USD

Liq. Price:-- USD

  • Pos. ModeCross margin is a margin method under which balances will be auto moved to position margin to avoid liquidation.

    Isolated margin, in this mode, your liability is limited to the initial margin posted.

    Isolated Cross

  • LeverageYour leverage for orders, when you have a position, the leverage is fixed to the same as position leverage

    10X 1X 2X 4X 5X 10X 20X 50X 100X

  • Order TypeA Limit Order is an order to buy or sell at a given price or better. This is the most common order type.

    A Market Order is the fastest way to get an order into the market. It will execute at the best price present in the book at the time of execution. Note that latency may cause you to get a better or worse price than you expect

    Limit Limit Market

  • PriceThe price you wish to buy or sell at.


  • AmountThis is the quantity of contracts you wish to buy or sell. The details of the contract are below. See the "Order Value" below to see the total value of the contracts at this price.



Buy / Long

Cost:0.0000 BTC

Sell / Short

Cost:0.0000 BTC

Order ValueThe total notional value of this order.0.0000 BTC

Available BalanceYour Available Balance for placing orders. Click to view your full wallet details.0.0000 BTC


Your Position: BTCUSD

0 Contracts

0.00% ROEThis is your ROE (Return on Equity).

Low High

-- Lvg

Cross --X
BTCUSD Contracts
  • Contract Value:1.0000 USD
  • Taker Fee:0.1000%
  • Maker Fee:0.0000%
BTCUSD ContractClick BTCUSD Perpetual contract  (BTC Settled)
  • --
  • Fair Price

  • Change

  • 24hr Low

  • 24hr High

  • 24H Vol: -- Cont.

    -- BTC

  • The total number of futures or options contracts in existence.Open Cont.: -- Cont.

    -- BTC

  • The number shown here is the predicted funding rate for the next funding period. This is the rate that longs will pay shorts. If negative, shorts pay longs.Next Rate: --

    Next funding time.Countdown: --:--:--

Orders BTC Cont.
Price(USD) Amount(Cont.BTC) Sum(Cont.BTC)

    --Index Price: The price of the underlying asset. This is the BTC price. Click to view historical data. --Fair Price: This is the current fair price. Click for more details. This indicator shows your position in the auto-deleverage queue. If all lights are lit, in the event of a liquidation, your position may be reduced. Click for more details.

      Recent Trades
      Time Price Amount(Cont.BTC)
      Current Positions Closed PositionsEach time when your size of position goes to 0, a closed position will be generated to show your pnl of this position.
      • No Data
      • Your position is in liquidation ...

        -- --

        Size: -- Cont.(--)

        ValueThis is the total value of your position.: -- BTC

        MarginThe amount of margin locked by each position. If you have isolated margin on a position, this number will go down as the margin remaining decreases, and your effective leverage rises. Drag the leverage slider in the sidebar to adjust the margin assigned to your position.: -- BTC + -

        Entry Avg. Price: --

        Fair PriceThe latest fair price for this contract. This is the price used for PNL and margin calculations, and may differ from the last price for the purposes of avoiding price manipulation. This does not affect settlement.: --

        Liq. PriceIf the fair price of the contract reaches below this price (when long) or above this price (when short), your position will be liquidated.: --

        Realised profit and loss since opening this position.Realised PNL: -- BTC

        This is your ROE (Return on Equity). It is calculated based on your current leverage.Unrealised PNL: -- BTC

        This is your ROE (Return on Equity).ROE: --

        Limit Market

        USD Buy 1st Price Sell 1st Price BBO Cont. 25% 50% 75% 100%


      • Symbol
      • Realised PNL
      • Time
      • No Data
      Active Orders [0] Order History My TradesThis includes filled and partially filled orders。
      • Symbol
      • Type
      • Qty
      • Leverage
      • Order Price
      • Remaining
      • Order Value
      • Time
      • Operation
      • No Data
      • Symbol
      • Type
      • Qty
      • Leverage
      • Order Price
      • Remaining
      • Order Value
      • Status
      • Time
      • No Data
      • Symbol
      • Type
      • Exec Qty
      • Leverage
      • Exec Price
      • Value
      • positive means reward for makers, negative means fees for takersFees PNL
      • Order Price
      • Time
      • No Data
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