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Community Co-governance Benefit Sharing
100% refund of transaction fee in the first 3 months, 20% repurchase fee after 3 months

Cumulative revenue to be distributed


Per million BT to be distributed:91.18812987 ETH

Cumulative revenue to be distributed in yesterday


Cumulative revenue to be distributed in hour:0.74614911 ETH

Mining output of the previous day:100548.27452011 BT

Total BT in circulation:2256364.69867495 BT

See the principle of miningSee circulation instructions

Btex's explanation of platform fee distribution Btex's explanation of the invitation reward mechanism About trading is mining
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Advantages of BTEX

strong technical team and risk control experts, committed to promoting the reform of the governance structure of the trading platform

  • Most Secure

    Cold wallet storage and multi-signature strategy guarantee asset safety; Collaboration with world top security team provide full-dimension protection.

  • Vote Coins

    Vote for Token Listing. It is up to you. We choose the most popular coins.

  • Safe And Reliable

    BTEX integrates platform, website and vertical structure design to enhance platform experience from multiple dimensions and maximize the service for community members.

  • Community Governance

    BT holders are partners who enjoy the benefits of the platform and supervise the platform.

Cooperative partner


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